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Sykes Group LLC
Law Enforcement Training Division
Failure Is Not An Option
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Training for Law Enforcement, Security, EMS, Military & qualified Civilian personnel. 

Advanced (High Risk) Executive/Dignitary Protection

This course is geared towards those in law enforcement or private security who are assigned to Special Operations High Risk Escorts and those individuals who work in Hostile Environments.

This block of training is fast paced, no nonsense training in the following areas:

Tactical Shooting
Use of Cover/Barricade Shooting
Route Selection & Security
Motorcade Operations
Principal Briefings
Surveillance Detection and Counter-surveillance
Vehicle Security & Protection Upgrades
Vehicle Attack Counter-measure Drills
Night Vision/Low Light Familiarization
Attack on Principal Drills (Airsoft Firearms)
IED Awareness
Protective Intelligence

This course runs 4 days. Price: $500.00

It is recommended that each individual be extremely familiar with their handgun and SMG/carbine prior to attending this fast paced course.

Non-law enforcement or military personnel wishing to attend this course must have one of the following:

  • A current concealed firearms permit or
  • A letter of recommendation from your local police department or sheriff's office.

    Date: September 30 - October 3, 2013
    Price: $500.00 ($875.00 if taken with Basic EP)
    Location: New York City Area.  
    Required equipment: Handgun with 3 magazines & 350 rounds, Carbine/SMG with 3 magazines & 500 Rounds, eye and ear protection, hat with a brim
    Recommended equipment: BDUs, Gas Mask, load bearing vest/511 vest, elbow and knee pads

    Questions - or 1-718-753-3446

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